Meet your perfect snack.

Ready to eat in 1-2 minutes

Your favorite treats, now in a convenient single-serve size. made with 8 (or less) real ingredients like almonds, coconut, and dates.

  • Fudge Brownie in a Cup
  • Banana Bread in a Cup
  • Carrot Cake in a Cup

Baking for Better

BAKING FOR BETTER: Our Initiative to support local and global communities, one bite at a time.

Each month, 10% of proceeds from one of our baking mixes will go to a charity or foundation with a focus on helping at-risk women and children.

This month, proceeds FROM OUR CUPCAKE MIX will go to Waterstone Foundation. This foundation helps fund important programs to ensure individuals with eating disorders can access treatment.

Eating disorders are a serious, but treatable, mental illness. It is well documented that mental illness is a leading cause in premature death in Canada. It is less well known that eating disorders have one of the highest overall mortality rates of any mental illness.

Early detection, education, and treatment are crucial in healing. Unfortunately, often these treatments are private and very expensive. Waterstone foundation aims to make these critical treatments more accessible and aid in educating healthcare workers and families alike to boost early detection. 

Stellar eats was born to create healthy eats that taste like treats. This means we don’t believe that choosing nourishing foods should ever mean restricting the things you love. We reject brands that capitalize on insecurities to sell product or push diets. We’d envision a world where people recount fond memories with food rather than calories.

We believe the most important thing about healthy eating is having a good relationship with food.