Baking for Better

BAKING FOR BETTER: Our Initiative to support local and global communities, one bite at a time.

Each month, 10% of proceeds from one of our baking mixes will go to a charity or foundation with a focus on helping at-risk women and children.

This month, proceeds FROM OUR CUPCAKE MIX will go to Waterstone Foundation. This foundation helps fund important programs to ensure individuals with eating disorders can access treatment.

Eating disorders are a serious, but treatable, mental illness. It is well documented that mental illness is a leading cause in premature death in Canada. It is less well known that eating disorders have one of the highest overall mortality rates of any mental illness.

Early detection, education, and treatment are crucial in healing. Unfortunately, often these treatments are private and very expensive. Waterstone foundation aims to make these critical treatments more accessible and aid in educating healthcare workers and families alike to boost early detection. 

Stellar eats was born to create healthy eats that taste like treats. This means we don’t believe that choosing nourishing foods should ever mean restricting the things you love. We reject brands that capitalize on insecurities to sell product or push diets. We’d envision a world where people recount fond memories with food rather than calories.

We believe the most important thing about healthy eating is having a good relationship with food. 

Mixes made with 8 (or less) real ingredients

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Our almond flour is made by grinding almonds into a fine meal, and we use it as the base for our mixes. Naturally grain-free and gluten-free, almonds are rich in protein, fibre and calcium.


Coconut flour is made by grinding dried coconut meat into a flour, providing structure and density to our cookies and pancakes. Coconut is high in fibre and naturally sweet - in fact, we also use coconut sugar to sweeten our cookie and cake mixes. Coconut sugar is an unrefined sweetener high in minerals and inulin fibre, which slows the rate at which it raises your blood sugar, making it relatively low on the glycemic index. This means no sugar rush and subsequent crash. While we try to keep our sugar content as low as possible, we prefer coconut sugar to other natural sweeteners for these benefits.


Date sugar is made by dehydrating medjool dates and grinding them into a fine powder. It's naturally high in fibre and low on the glycemic index making it a fantastic sugar substitute - with a rich velvety flavor.



Extracted from the tubers of tropical plants, arrowroot and tapioca starches are often used as a thickening agent in cooking/baking. This is the ingredient that gives our cakes and cookies their decadent chewiness.


Cocoa is made by crushing whole cocoa beans and removing the fat or the cocoa butter.  What you're left with is a decadent chocolate-y powder rich in magnesium, antioxidants & polyphenols.